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12 May 2018by panda

5 Social Networking Commandments to Swear by

5 Social Networking Commandments to Swear by
Working in the digital space, it is safe to state that the ever- changing nature of the Internet has kept us on our toes. Social network marketing patterns that entered the Internet a couple of years back have been replaced by speedier, better and further developed ideas that have changed the way clients connect with brands on the web. Along these lines, how about we promise ourselves to follow these five social media promotion commandments and connect with your target audience to change them into faithful clients.

1. Thou shall connect with and not simply advertise

Gone are the days when social networking was used to only feature your products or services. Brands are utilizing the power of online networking to connect and engage with India’s next billion internet users. According to recent survey, 89% of messages presented on brands via social media go ignored. This implies that brands are seeing online networking as a one-way road in which they highlight their services, however don’t work on collecting inputs from them. Aside from service input and feedback, 41% of online clients tag their most loved brands on different social networking handles while posting. Indicated by a current survey, an astounding 80% of clients religiously follow their brands for general updates and notification. With such a high rate of followership coming from the buyer side, marketers are currently aiming for client feedback as the go-to answer for better market growth. 2018 will witness a high increase in feedback rates which is just going to bring in happy and satisfied clients.

2. Thou shall trust in the power of chat bots

  Chat Bots Chat Bots have taken the world by storm. Aside from the ability to throw queries and getting client commitment, they are an essential part in expanding efficiency of the brand as well as creating leads. Facebook Messenger Chat Bots are leading in the Bot revolution with over a mind- boggling 100,000 bots being used online today. By far, bots are the future of the digital industry as they are significantly easier in clarifying customer complaints. In spite of the fact that chat bots are now a trend catching up fast in India, this advanced idea is being upgraded – Customizable Chat Bot. Brands are currently concentrating on making their bots as customized as possible with emphasis given to making the connection personal and human like.

3. Thou shall be active on Instagram Stories

  Instagram Stories Instagram Stories is the greatest social networking pattern of 2017. Instagram presented this “Snapchat-like” feature and brought down the growth rate of Snapchat by 82% in only a short time. They acquired a client base of 800 million, which is an incredible increase from the 600 million clients listed the previous year. This shows how impactful Instagram Stories are and how compelling they can be when added to your social networking marketing strategy. 

4. Thou shall go live

  Live Videos are the most sought after and viewed content by web clients around the world. From being clever and funny to even instructional videos, they are changing the substance of showcasing. However, 82% of shoppers favored viewing their most loved brands in real life as opposed to reading about them, thus setting off the groundbreaking revolution of live streaming videos. This idea emerged in 2017 with exploding insights making for higher commitment in 2018, since both the gatherings – the brands and their supporters – are comfortable with this marvel. Connecting with your clients by making them a piece of your everyday exercise is the main goal of live recordings, so much that it is currently a necessity for brands from all web space.

5. Thou shall explore augmented reality

  Social Media Everyone was introduced with the idea of augmented reality through face filters brought to us by Snapchat. Online networking clients worldwide went crazy with those cute puppy ear add-ons which were later presented by Instagram Stories. This idea made brands to use the clever and youthful concepts to advertise themselves. In 2017 alone, Instagram released 20 new highlights in form of augmented reality. These features include filters, trendy stickers, season’s wishes and many more. These insights are ensured to increase in 2018, showcasing the way that brands can use this idea to create more relatable online content. These are few of the best web-based social networking updates to pay special attention to. Add these imaginative features to your social advertising techniques and take your business to the next level.
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