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21 Apr 2018by panda

The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Techniques

The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Techniques
Twitter is the leading social platform where anyone can voice their views about everything including brands. These opinions are seen by people across the globe creating an impression for better or worse. For these matters, numberless set of tactics are used by every agency. But, simply coming forward with a basic approach of using hash tags or speaking with your followers is not enough. From here, in a few steps, upgrade yourself to the next level of these tack and tricks and break on through to the other side of digital literacy. Twitter Marketing

1.   Frame-Up your Tweet Layout

  • a. Re- Position your links – More often than not, one provides the needed link in the end of the tweet which even works well most of the times. But surveys have come up with an analysis that show that click-through rate for links was higher on average, by quite a bit, when the links were closer to the beginning. On social media platform, sometimes, doing the opposite can make wonders!
  • b. Go multimedia – Twitter keeps making efforts to upgrade themselves towards better services. First came pictures in tweets, then video, and now, finally, have put in GIFs. You may not be aware of and that may be hurting your chances of getting all your tweets out to your fans. Other than saving on your data; this feature makes for a great way to psych the viewer in a shorter time span.
  • c. Use @reply carefully – This tweet features are often miscalculated. Writing @digipanda2 will show up only on the account of @thatperson only which will not be seen by your followers. Reason being that you’re only addressing and speaking to another user. For an example, “hi! @human, where are you at” is hidden to your followers but rephrasing it into “hi! @human, where are you @” makes it visible to them. Easy to use but hard to get to know!
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2. Use Your Followers Effectively

  • a. Agents of Influence – Locate and work with the trusted voices in your industry by creating content for these crowd influencers and giving them mentions in your tweets. Try sending a direct message enquiring the possibility to work together, on this account, they could just re-tweet your next best content.
  • b. Exploit the List function – By detecting people who re-tweet, reply and favorite you on a large scale, Twitter’s List feature will locate your influencers. Thereby, definitely giving you a clear cut idea on who all should be targeted.
  • c. Create rewards – You can work to reward specific followers whom you look on as crowd influencers. As well as that, you could work with all your followers to hype up an exclusive promotion. This way, all the work is done by your followers!
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3. Benefit from Your Competitors

  • a. Use Advanced Search feature – This tool helps you to filter a search, allowing you to find your competitor’s customers and hash tags.
  • b. Follow your competition – Apart from the similar interests and passion, you and your competitors also share the same followers. With all of your similarities, why wouldn’t you follow the competition and see what they’re up to? Maybe, they’re doing the same.
  • c. The “Other” Field is Your Secret Weapon The “Other” field in Twitter Advanced Search is the most ignored, yet highly useful, search feature on Twitter. You can find it at the bottom of Twitter Advanced Search as a series of checkboxes.
Under Places, select a certain region if you want to address questions from that area wherein you sell only within a specific country or city. Under People, select a specific Twitter account if you want to see what people are asking your competitors. Work into answering the questions by their costumer that are being ignored by your competitors!
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