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04 Jun 2024by panda

Don’t Miss Out! Get Started with Site Links in Meta Ads Today

Don’t Miss Out! Get Started with Site Links in Meta Ads Today

Feeling stuck with your Facebook and Instagram ads? Ever wished you could squeeze more information into them? Well, fret no more! Meta Ads Manager just released a new feature called Site Links, and it’s here to be your advertising hero.

Think of site links like tiny billboards that appear under your main ad. People can click on them to zoom straight to specific parts of your website, like a product page, a special offer, or even your contact information landing page. This makes it super easy for potential customers to find exactly what they’re looking for, without getting lost in a maze of clicks.

The best part? Using site links is a breeze! Get ready to create site links like a pro! We’ll show you how to choose your goals, set up your campaign, and even create your own custom site links.

By the end, you’ll be a site link pro, ready to create informative and engaging ads that get more clicks and conversions!

Steps to Create Site Links in Your Meta Ads

1. Open Up Ads Manager, It’s Time to Create!

  • First things first, head on over to Meta Ads Manager. It’s the control center for all your Facebook and Instagram advertising.
  • Once you’re there, click the big blue “Create” button to get this party started.

2. Pick Your Goal: What Do You Want People to Do?

Want to see more visitors on your website? Awesome! Choose “Traffic” as your goal. Maybe you’d like them to learn more about your business and leave their email address – that’s “Leads” for you.

  • There are other options too, like “Engagement” for more likes and comments, or “Sales” if you’re selling something online.
  • Just pick the one that best fits your advertising adventure.

3. Setting Up Your Campaign (Skip This Step If You’re Selling Stuff)

This part is where you decide things like your budget, how long you want your ad to run, and some other technical bits.

  • If you’re selling something, there’s a setting called “Use a catalog” that you’ll want to turn off.
  • But for most folks, just fill in the details and click “Next” to move on.

4. Website Conversions: Let’s Track Those Clicks!

  • Meta Ads Manager likes to keep track of things, and in this case, we want it to track website visits. So, under the conversion section, choose “Website” as your location.

This way, you’ll know exactly how many people clicked on your site links and landed on your awesome website.


5. Ad Set Details: Who Sees Your Ad and Where?

Here’s where you get to pick who you want to see your ad (your target audience) and where it will appear (like Facebook feeds or Instagram stories).

  • You can also set your budget and how long you want the ad to run. Don’t worry, there’s a whole other guide for mastering this part if you need it!

6. Identity: Pick Your Social Media Star

This might seem obvious, but you need to choose the Facebook Page or Instagram account you want to represent your ad. Basically, it’s like picking the face that goes with your awesome site links.

7. Ad Sources: Enter Your Website URL (Here Comes the Site Link Magic!)

This is where things get exciting! Here’s where you enter the website URL for your business.

  • Meta Ads Manager, ever the helpful friend, will try to scan your website and suggest some site links for you.
  • These could be links to different product categories, your latest blog post, or even your contact page. Pretty neat, right?

8. Choosing Your Site Links

Now that Meta Ads Manager has suggested some site links, it’s your turn to play! Here are your options:

  • Review Suggested Links: Take a peek at what Meta Ads Manager came up with. Are there any perfect matches for your goals? Keep the ones you like and ditch the ones you don’t need.
  • Feeling Creative? Craft Your Own!: Want something specific? No problem! You can create your own site links with clear titles (what people see) and URLs (where it takes them). Think of these titles like mini-ad headlines – keep them short and sweet so everyone knows exactly where they’re clicking.

Here’s a cool tip: You need at least 3 site links to use this feature, but you can go wild and add up to 20! So, showcase your best products, hottest deals, or anything else you think will grab your audience’s attention.

9. Ad Format: Finding Your Perfect Match (For Now)

Just a heads up, site links currently work best with single image or video ads. But hey, that gives you plenty of creative freedom to design an eye-catching ad that pops!

10. Create Your Ad: Unleash Your Inner Picasso!

Now’s the fun part: designing your ad! This is where you get to use your creativity to craft an image or video that will grab attention and make people want to click on your site links.

  • Use clear messaging, and high-quality visuals, and don’t forget to highlight your amazing site links!

11. Preview, Polish, and Publish!

Before you unleash your ad masterpiece on the world, take a moment to preview it and make sure everything looks shipshape. As mediocre copy or creative and sometimes even a good one, if continuously run then it might result in Meta Ad Fatigue.

  • Happy with what you see? Then hit that “Publish” button and watch your site link-powered ad work its magic!

Bonus Tip: Remember, to keep your site link titles short and to the point. People should instantly understand where each link takes them. “Shop Now” is great, but “Shop Our Latest Collection” is even better!

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