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16 Feb 2018by panda

Facebook’s cool new feature – Make a public To-do list

Facebook’s cool new feature – Make a public To-do list
People post anything and everything on Facebook, from their dog’s gifs and cute videos to wedding pictures and family albums. Most of the millennials consider Facebook their second home (Read first home) and advertisers have realized the power of Facebook advertising. Guess what Facebook has just added to its post section – a TO-DO List. Yes, gone are the days when you uploaded pictures of the day before and posted about the stuff you were doing in the now. The to-do feature allows you to tell the world about your plans and aspirations for the rest of your life. Facebook is not leaving any stone unturned and that makes it the most revenue generating social media platform. The list feature (in beta phase right now) will have the same colorful and fancy gradient background like the status posts. The feature is likely to slowly roll out this week in few parts of the world. Facebook is surely keeping up to its statement of making the Facebook experience very personal. The list feature (as heard via a Chinese whisper) can be shared with friends; people can now find like-minded friends with similar interests on Facebook.
If you are confused what to share in your list, below are some fun things to add:
  • Where to travel
  • Your dinner plans
  • Grocery list to show the world that you eat like a king
  • What you would do with the money you will save after breaking up with your Girlfriend.
  • Best Digital Marketing agencies (Blog won’t approve without a backlink 😉 )
  • The productive stuff you miss out on doing because of social media
Some Social media experts think that Facebook is acting smart and will use this feature to feed the data to its Online advertisers for easy retargeting. Who knows what’s correct but bottom line is that Facebook is never going to fall short of rolling out one cool feature after another. Enjoy the lists until they find another great feature to get you hooked on. This article is written by Pulkit Tyagi, a digital marketing expert at DigiPanda Consulting. If you are a business owner/ Marketing manager and looking out to build a result oriented marketing strategy, please write to us at [email protected] .
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