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06 Sep 2017by panda

Big is not Always Better; Marketing Agencies for Startups

Big is not Always Better; Marketing Agencies for Startups
With the concept of Startup India becoming more and more familiar with our nation’s entrepreneurs, the need for the right advertising and marketing agencies to cater to their needs also arises at a tremendous rate. And with a fierce competition, everyone wants to bag the best (translated ‘Big’) marketing and advertising team for themselves. However, the best comes at a price, and one that’s not always quantified in monetary terms. Here’s how:
  • Bigger agencies do not take startups as stable or long-term clients, and consider them to be easy money
  • Better talent gets allocated towards bigger clients, with startups ending up with left-over resources
  • Success or failure of a startup does not affect a bigger digital marketing agency’s reputation. Your success is theirs, but your failure is not
So, does that mean that startups do not deserve experienced and competent agencies backing them up? No! However, it does mean that startups need to be more careful while choosing an agency.
  • Get seasoned advertising professionals who have setup their own creative/strategic boutiques. They will ensure quality work at competent prices
  • Hire an agency ready to stake their reputation for the reputation of your product or service. It should be a win-win situation for the advertiser and the agency
Be it a big, mid-sized or a small agency, what matters is that you find an agency that fulfills your specific needs, rather than being dazzled by their overall marketing capabilities. DigiPanda Consulting is a Full service Marketing agency, write to [email protected] for any Marketing related query.
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