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21 Jan 2022by panda

Social Media Marketing: The Digital Era Marketing

Social Media Marketing: The Digital Era Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a new-age marketing tactic followed by every big or small business and/or brand to reach out to the maximum amount of audience across the globe. 

As it is no lie that social media platforms nowadays are the most utilized digital entity. And if we look for particular digits, around 4.55 Billion people across the globe use social media. And 400 Million new users have come within the last 12 months, making it also two-thirds of the world’s population that access social media via mobile phone. 

As more than half of the world is addicted to social media channels, it would be a silly choice not to utilize the power of social media for marketing means. Social media provides a maximal number of audiences worldwide, and great exposure to attract such a large number via one type of media mode. 

Now without waiting for another second, let’s gain some knowledge about Social Media Marketing.


What Is Social Media Marketing?


In simple words, Social Media Marketing is a way to promote a brand’s products, drive authentic traffic on the original website, and create a brand’s image on a global level. Social Media Marketing or SMM is also referred to as a way of increasing the visibility of a brand or its pages by multiple ad campaigns on various digital platforms. 

Social Media Marketing began with the thought of adopting social media platforms for connecting people and promotions. However, as the digital era took a drastic turn, social media blew up like fire and spread across the globe within a blink of an eye. That was when the transformation of advertising locally shifted to promoting digitally through social media channels. 

Social media platforms have no range because social media is born for connecting people globally. And now, marketing through those channels has come back in favor of more leads to the official website, authentic view on social media handles, and the scheme of like, comment, share, and save helped in engaging a higher rate of audience. 


Types of Social Media Platforms: 


“Social Media Platforms”, until a few years ago this term was denoted as “Networking Sites”. And as the internet connectivity was not so facilitated before, then what it is nowadays, Cyber Cafés were the hub of using social networking sites. 

However, as the world of technology and the digital age is transforming towards a better future, here are the Social Media Platforms that are now helpful and one of the most important modes of marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Quora

The list goes on and on, as, with every passing day, there is something new evolving for betterment. 


The Five Core Pillars of SMM


Up until now, you got to know about SMM and some of the social media platforms. However, next in the line are the five core pillars of Social Media Marketing that help you track the overall performance of your marketing campaign.


Social Strategy

The very first point to keep in mind for Social Media Marketing is to create a customer-centric strategy. By knowing what your product is, what type of people would be a great fit for your product, target your audience accordingly, which social media platform would be your most suitable, and lastly, what content would attract a larger amount of audience. 

Once you have figured out your steps of how’s, what’s, and which’s, the next step in planning your strategy is to figure out the content to be shared on social media platforms that could result in sales and leads. 


Planning And Publishing

People on social media platforms only follow a brand’s page either when the content posted on it is entertaining, has a nice symmetric layout, or something relative to their daily use. 

So, the next process is to plan your complete layout for at least the first 50 posts. As every new social media page requires followers and that is how you can start building up. If the foundation would be asymmetrical there would be a huge loss of followers and potential audience. 

Once you have figured out your posts, start publishing them, with varieties. Such as sharing images, videos, stories, gifs, stickers, or many other things, that could engage the audience.


Listening And Engagement

The next step is to listen to what your audience has to say about your brand, product, and your page. If your audience finds your page attractive and you can see there are some potential and authentic users who can turn into customers, then they will start taking initiative. 

If your posts are interesting enough, your audience will start commenting on your posts, some might message you personally. There will be feedback and appreciation accordingly, but the happy note is there will surely be the starting point of having words and whispers about your product. This step could also lead your content to be shared on social media platforms. 


Analytics And Reporting

As the process of engaging the audience starts, your graph of analysis and reports will start showing some positive results. There are many social media platforms that show the exact stats such as; first, about the audience. From age to gender, you will be able to know what type of people like your content, followed by where your content is viewed the most, then at what time the content was viewed the most. 

Once you get aware of all the above things, including follower rates, saving, and sharing your content rates, you can plan out your further accordingly. 



After every process, when you are on agreeable terms with the content you are posting and the results you are getting are balancing out each other, or leaving some imbalance. The next step to cover is to advertise your posts with the help of marketing campaigns. 

Once you are ready with the decision of investing in social media, then using social media sponsored ads would be one of the best ways to spread awareness about your brand and product. This trick has potential to reach out to larger audiences to gain deserved recognition overall. 


WRAP UP: Social Media is the new necessity of the digital-age generation. And to make your brand reach a global level Social Media Marketing is the newest form of promotion. Before executing your performance you will need a Social Media Marketing Agency that will help you at every step of strategy to result. And digiPanda is one of the best social media marketing agencies for your social media promotions. 


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