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15 Jan 2021by panda

Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel for Best Results

Optimize Your Business YouTube Channel for Best Results

Which is the best possible method with the help of which you can grab an extreme amount of visitors / viewers for your business?
That’s by creating a YouTube channel.
Creating a YouTube channel and posting it on frequently is not the key to growing your YouTube channel. Hence that’s the reason we are here with this post, as we will be having a look at some of the most important ways with the help of which you can optimize your business YouTube channel for best possible results.
While before heading forward with the central section, let us look at a few facts you must know about YouTube channels and their strategies.

Facts to know about:

  • In research, it was figured out that more than 70% of people on YouTube use their channels to promote their products and services.
  • For making your YouTube channel search-friendly, you need to work on its optimization, so that you can bring your channel’s search results to both in-app users and the users who search directly from Google.
  • After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine where people search for everything.

In this post, we will look at some of the top methods for optimizing your business or personal YouTube channel for best results.

Top Methods to Optimize Your Business/Personal YouTube Channel for Better Results:
Although there are several ways with the help of which you can get the best possible results and optimize your YouTube channel for better results, but here we are going to talk about some tried and tested tips for enhanced results:

1. Put the primary keyword in your YouTube channel name:
If you want your customers or visitors to find you organically, then make sure to add the primary keyword linked with your business in your YouTube channel name. With this method’s help, whenever someone will search for the related keyword, your YouTube channel search result will come up on the top.
Along with that, you can even try to optimize the shareable link of your YouTube channel. If you are unable to do the SEO of your YouTube channel properly, you can get in touch with us for YouTube SEO in Noida.

2. Complete the About Us page:
We noticed with most of the personal and professional YouTube channel owners that they do not fill the complete details in their about us section. Because of which people are unable to know about the business or the channel completely.
Make sure always to fill everything about your page or channel in the About Us section. Firstly this helps in knowing about your page too, along with that it helps in search engine optimization.
You should also add the primary keyword in the about us section for better results.

3. Use channel keyword tags:
You all must be knowing that whenever we post a video on YouTube, we need to add a few hashtags in your video description with the help of which YouTube would be able to know about the context of your video.
Along with that, it helps enhance the SEO on your video because your target audience would be able to reach your video or search for it efficiently.

4. Channel trailer is essential:
Whenever you visit a few YouTube channels, you would notice that they have a proper YouTube trailer for their channel with the help of which they can let people know appropriately about their product and services offered by them.
If you haven’t added any such trailer in your channel, try to make a high-quality and professional-looking YouTube trailer that will help you put a good impact on your visitors. Along with that, it also helps in generating higher leads.

5. Publish informational & long videos:
While uploading a YouTube video, make sure to fetch good enough information with the help of which you can make your YouTube video long. It is noticed that the average time period for a YouTube video is 14 minutes and 50 seconds, so you also need to keep this thing in mind while creating a video.
Along with that, you can have a look at the YouTube video length of your competitors and try to create bigger and better videos than them.

6. First 15 seconds are crucial:
Although you must have heard about it from everywhere stating that the first 15 seconds of your YouTube video are extremely crucial. Because with the help of those 15 seconds, your users would be able to decide if they want to watch your YouTube video or not.
So you need to keep those 15 seconds some of the most interesting and information filled ones. If the first 15 seconds are not that interesting, you can pick apart from your whole video to add in its place of those crucial 15 seconds.

7. Create a playlist:
If you are creating YouTube videos on particular topics, you should use playlists on your YouTube channel with the help of which your users would reach the videos they want to watch directly.
By creating a playlist, you can make everything easier for your audience, and they would not have to search for the videos they want to watch.

8. Use keywords while creating the video:
You must have added your primary keywords in the About US section, Description of video and the Channel name but make sure that you are using your primary keyword in your videos.
This will help you in enhancing the watch time and the top-ranking feature of your YouTube videos.

9. Integrations:
You can integrate share buttons and video suggestions, so whenever a person is watching your videos, they can get suggestions for other videos.
With this feature’s help, you can let people know about your other videos and enhance the watch time for different videos.

10. Custom video thumbnails:
Always create custom video thumbnails, with the help of which you can let visitors know about the context of that particular video. Moreover, by creating custom thumbnails, you would be able to make your YouTube channel look cleaner. This was all about some of the best tips for optimizing your business YouTube channel for best results.

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