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12 May 2023by panda

Introducing Google Bard in India: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Introducing Google Bard in India: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Started

Google’s advanced generative AI chatbot, Bard, is now accessible to users across 180 countries and regions without needing a waitlist.

The search giant has made this move to challenge OpenAI’s dominant ChatGPT in the AI chatbot market. In addition to expanding access, Google has introduced several new features to enhance Bard’s capabilities. In a blog post, Google stated their intention to gather feedback from users as they continue to refine and enhance Bard. With the waitlist removed, users worldwide can now experience Bard’s capabilities and contribute to its development.

Bard Expands Language Support and Enhancements

Google emphasizes its commitment to maintaining high standards for quality and local nuances as it expands Bard, the AI chatbot. In addition to its availability in Japanese and Korean, Google is actively working on adding support for 40 additional languages. Bard now operates on Google’s latest large language model (LLM), PaLM 2, enabling significant enhancements such as coding capabilities, advanced math and reasoning skills, and more.

As Google continues to refine Bard, they remain dedicated to upholding their AI Principles and ensuring that the chatbot delivers exceptional performance.

Experience Bard in India for Free:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Click on ‘Try me’ at the bottom right corner
  • Accept Google Bard’s privacy policy by clicking ‘I agree’ at the page’s bottom
  • Enjoy the freedom to use Google Bard without any waitlist restrictions.

Bard: From Exclusive Waitlist to Global Reach

Initially limited to the US and UK, Bard is now accessible in over 180 countries and territories, with further expansion plans underway. However, it’s important to note that Bard remains in the beta stage, like other generative AI-based chatbots, and may exhibit occasional errors or “hallucinations“.

Google’s Unreleased AI Services: A Glimpse into the Future

While Google is known for its cautious approach to AI products, the tech giant has been actively developing innovative AI services that have yet to be released to the public. With a strong focus on ensuring performance and addressing potential concerns, Google is poised to make significant contributions to the AI landscape.

One promising project is Imagen, an AI-powered image generator that could potentially rival OpenAI’s DALL-E once it is officially launched. With Imagen, users can expect an advanced and creative tool for generating images.

Another noteworthy endeavour is MusicLM, an AI music generator that Google has decided against releasing. In a recent paper discussing MusicLM, Google acknowledges the challenges surrounding the potential misappropriation of creative content and the biases inherent in training models. There are also concerns about cultural appropriation and its impact on underrepresented cultures.

While these services are not yet available to the public, their development reflects Google’s commitment to advancing AI technology while carefully considering ethical implications and user experience. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting AI projects from Google.

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