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08 Dec 2020by panda

How to find trending blog topics for your blog?

How to find trending blog topics for your blog?

One of the most efficient ways to get visibility and generate high-quality traffic is by posting blogs on your website. Moreover, to do so, there are a few requirements which are as follows:

● Find a trending blog topic.

● Write high-quality content

● Search engine optimization is a must.

Can you guess which section people face the most issues? If you said “Finding a trending blog topic,” then you are right.

Here in this post, we will look at some of the most reliable ways to find trending topics that are being used by top digital marketing companies.

How to find trending blog topics for your blog?

SEO services are highly effective these days because you can generate impressive targeted leads using such services. But the initial requirement for doing so has a trending topic-based blog.

So to figure out some trending blog topics, here are a few available options:

● Medium:

Medium is an exceptional platform with which you can find trending topics for your blog under any niche. Once you visit this platform, you would notice different sections, from where you pick one section related to your niche.

Under the section, you will notice a complete trending topics section, from where you can pick the most appropriate option.

Quick tip:

All these trending topics from the list are ones that rank higher in Google.

● Reddit:

Reddit is a community-based platform where people discuss the most faced problems and trending topics. From this platform, you need to precisely go through all the discussions and pick one such topic that is trending, and users are still unable to find its answer.

You should create such a blog post that would help your audience and add quality information in it.

● LinkedIn:

Once you visit your LinkedIn account, you would notice the Top trending topics section on the right side. From there, you can pick any topic from your niche.

These topics are updated daily, so you will never be out of trending topics ever.

● YouTube:

If someone has done the SEO of their YouTube video properly, then you would be able to get it under the search results on top. Hence same is the case with the trending videos on Youtube; you can pick up the trending videos from YouTube and write a blog on such topics.

These trending YouTube videos are the ones that are being searched and most viewed during that time.

● Pinterest Trends:

Pinterest offers a monthly insights report with the help you can know about the trending topics throughout the month. From those lists of trending topics, you can collect as many topic ideas as possible and create blogs for yourself.


The full-form of HARO is Help a Reporter Out, and in this case, a reporter will directly approach you to answer some of the trending questions by email. If your answer is to the point and impressive, then you can get a backlink for your website from the reporter’s website.

While all the questions being, asked by the journalists are trending, and you can get an idea about your next trending blog post topic.

We are sure that you would be able to get trending topics under your niche or for your digital marketing and SEO service company from the options mentioned above.

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