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19 Jan 2021by panda

How to advertise on Instagram? Quick Guide

How to advertise on Instagram? Quick Guide

How many users are there on Instagram?

More than 1 billion. Yes, you heard it right, and just assume if you can create a highly targeted ad on your Instagram related to your business, then you would be able to:

  • Reach your target audience
  • Enhance the sales of your products and services
  • Connect with valuable people who stay with your brand forever.

But, the question is, “How to advertise on Instagram?”
If this question takes place in your mind too, then follow this post until the end. As here, we will have a look at the most efficient way to advertise on Instagram.

What are Instagram Ads?
Instagram ads are customized posts or stories promoted by a business to reach their target audience and generate high-quality sales. Such posts will consist of a Sponsored label on the top; along with that, it also comes with a call-to-action button with the help of which you can drive traffic or fix a particular step by clicking the button.
There are different types of Instagram ads, and in some cases, you would be able to get a complete e-commerce feature for selling the products.

Types of Instagram Ads:
As discussed earlier, there are various types of Instagram Ads, which are as follows:

  • Stories Ads
  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Explore Ads
  • IGTV Ads
  • Instagram Shopping Ads

How to advertise on Instagram?
There are a total of two different ways with the help of which you can advertise on Instagram, from which the simplest method to advertise on Instagram is by directly clicking on the Promote button on the existing post from the app.
While on the other hand, we have a second method that helps you by offering more customization options, and that is by creating an Instagram Ad using Facebook Ads Manager.

1.  Advertise on Instagram right from the app:
The first and easiest way to advertise on Instagram is using the direct application. Under this advertisement method, you just need to click on the Promote option available below your Instagram posts.
Firstly you just need to click on the Promote option, and right after that, you have to figure out your target audience using the keyword, location, and age group.
Once you have completed these steps, you just need to click on promote based on your charges. In the next step, your post will go through a selection procedure, from which if your post is approved, then you would be able to notice your Instagram Ad live within 24 hours.

2. Advertise on Instagram using Facebook Ads Manager:
Here we have the next advertising method on Instagram, which is by using Facebook Ads Manager. In this method, you would not have to promote through Instagram directly; instead, you will use Facebook Ads Manager to create ads that run on Instagram.
With this method, you can create a customized audience for your Instagram Ad; along with that, it offers you monitoring features too. But for getting started with this method of creating Instagram Ads, you need to create a Facebook Page.
If you are facing issues with Instagram Ads in Noida, then we are here to help you out.

Instagram Ad Tips:
Let’s have a look at some of the best Instagram Ad tips that will help you in getting the best possible results out of your ads:

  • Try to figure out your audience precisely; if you cannot know your audience, then there will be no use of Instagram Ads; they will be just targeting anybody’s profile.
  • Create engaging posts that you are going to promote as Instagram Ads. Make sure to use the text wisely and convincingly.
  • Make sure to engage with your audience through comments and likes.
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