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26 Aug 2022by digiPanda

Google’s Helpful Content Update Rolls Out: 8 Things To Know

Google’s Helpful Content Update Rolls Out: 8 Things To Know

Google update is out what website users need to know. The recent ‘helpful content update’  says that the company wishes to accommodate more original and helpful content in the search results that are “written by people, for people”.

Marketing agencies, bloggers, and other similar institutions have been pushing out over-optimized content for years. It is not a bad thing to follow SEO practices to rank higher on Google Search, but oftentimes, the real motive of the content gets left behind, that is, to serve readers with relevant information.

8 Factors To Consider As Search Giant Google Discloses  Helpful Information Upgrade

Google is about to introduce a new update to its search engine ranking algorithm that could end up being one of the most significant updates in over ten years.

  1. The new update for helpful content will target websites with a severely large volume of unsatisfactory or unhelpful content that was created just for ranking at the top of search engine results rather than people.

In other words, searchers are dissatisfied when they arrive at websites that do well in searches but their content sucks because those websites were built to perform well and aim to rank in search engine result pages.

  1. With its new algorithm, Google hopes to elevate websites designed for people above sites designed for search engines while devaluing those types of websites. Yes, Google said this helpful content update will reward websites that focus on people’s first content.

Here’s a list of niches that we suggest can be affected most

– Online learning resources

– Entertainment industry

– E-commerce Product Review Websites

This is due to the fact that information in such sectors has traditionally been written with search engines in mind more than writing for the end user.

  1. This new update is a site-wide algorithm. In layman’s terms, this will affect all your web pages across the site. Google hasn’t specified to what extent this algorithm will impact websites in terms of ranking and traffic.
  1. What does Google mean by “helpful content” clearly?

In a nutshell, Google defines useful content as:

Content created with respect to the target audience

– Contains that offer unique insights

– Is reliable and credible.

– Most importantly Fulfills the searcher’s need.

Or in short, Content should be of that quality that after reading the content user feels satisfied that all their queries are answered properly.

  1. Useful information is highlighted by Google in featured snippets. There are very few instances of “helpful content” in Google’s guidelines. However, it does appear in relation to featured snippets on Google’s How Searches Work page
  1. Keep a watch on your Search engine rankings over the next few weeks or so because the update may take up another couple of weeks to roll out completely. At this point in time, no one knows how much it affects the rankings of a website but till the point, you are producing content that’s valuable for your audience. You shouldn’t be worried about the algorithm.
  1. If you observe any significant ranking or traffic changes over the coming days, you can probably attribute them to this new update from Google. Read Google’s suggestions, implement the necessary adjustments, edit your old post add more in-depth content to your blog content, and wait for a turnaround in the following months.
  1. The recommendation to put people first does not eliminate websites from using Seo techniques but the aim of this update is to downgrade websites that are writing content only on trending topics to rank in search engines.

Final Words

Google just started rolling out this algorithm and it will take another two weeks before this rollout will complete. So as of now, it is best to wait and see which niches will impact this algorithm the most, but this algorithm is not going to be the last content-related update. Google’s aim is to provide users with the best results that match the searcher’s intent. They will keep reminding us with these new algorithm updates to produce quality content that aims to satisfy users’ queries.

Yes, intent if you are creating content on your website that satisfies users’ intent, answers all their possible questions, and offers helpful & practical tips that can be implemented easily. Then as long as you are doing this, sit back and relax in your rolling chair. Looking for more updates and news, stay tuned to digiPanda.


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