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16 Sep 2022by digiPanda

Finally Youtube Broke Silence On The Hot Topic: 5 Unskippable Ads

Finally Youtube Broke Silence On The Hot Topic: 5 Unskippable Ads
These days people are talking & tweeting about YouTube’s testing for 5 unskippable ads. Online video streaming platform YouTube currently only displays two commercials(video ads) that cannot be skipped, which is still acceptable by a few free users(youtube free) though for some it is only helplessness -cum-compulsion.   It appears that the five unskippable video ads strategy of google platform youtube has irritated a lot of people as multiple users have tweeted their displeasure.

YouTube’s Retaliation With The Tweet

  Following multiple concerns regarding 5 unskippable ads which are still in the testing phase, creating a lot of buzz on social platforms like Twitter. Many bloggers & influencers have shown their consent for the upcoming video ads strategy by Youtube. Team YouTube provided an answer in a tweet response. The corporation termed these “bumper advertisements” and is what led to this issue.   Many Tech bloggers, news channels & Youtube have shown their displeasure & concern about this on Twitter. The responses stated that each advertisement would be only 6 seconds in length, so even the five such ads that consumers will see do not go beyond the standard 30-second advertisements.  

Urges To Give Feedback Regarding the 5 Unskippable Ads

  Additionally, the company urges to people for utilizing the send feedback feature on YouTube to send messages. Google is interested in customer feedback on the new “bumper advertising.” Viewers will ultimately have to watch all five commercials, the majority of which they have little interest in because none of them can be skipped.

Bottom Line

  In this case, YouTube’s aim is crystal clear: if you don’t want to watch advertisements on the video streaming platform, then you must subscribe to YouTube Premium Package.   But not all YouTube viewers have yet experienced the “5 commercials before the video starts” provision. However, it’s anticipated that soon every free YouTube consumer will have to watch these 5 non-skippable bumper video ads.  
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