Having a mobile app is essential for your eCommerce business

Mobile Apps Are Faster

Mobile apps work 1.5 times faster than websites. The loading speed of any e-commerce website or app is as important as its existence

Mobile Apps Facilitates Personalisation

Users love to see personalised content on their devices because it’s like offering them a tailored message in the language they speak & understand

Mobile Apps Work Offline Too

Unlike websites, that is totally dependent on an internet connection to work & render pages. Mobile apps allow users to work offline too

Mobile Apps Enable Push Notifications

A push notification is a short message that is sent out to the users’ devices, almost instantly

Mobile Apps Improve Productivity

With an app handy for every department like sales, delivery, warehouse etc. A mobile app can help e-commerce businesses to improve their productivity

Mobile Apps Enhance Engagement

The ability to engage customers with any e-commerce business determines the level of its success

Increase Customer Loyalty

People that download your mobile app first demonstrate a greater level of investment in your brand

Better Brand Recognition

Mobile apps are an excellent way to make your brand well-known and popular. As customers are a great way to get a brand's name out there

Higher Conversion  Rate

According to experts, mobile apps have 1.5 times the conversion rate of desktop websites

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