10 Facts About Website Design & Development You Must Know

 First Impression is   The Last Impression

It takes less than a second, for a user to make his/her view on the organization by their initial experience through its website

Easy, Easier, Easiest

Web development uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create responsive and attractive sites which are far easier than software development 

Interrelation of  Code and SEO

Source code should be written considering SEO which increases the ranking in search engines. Page titles and tags should be focused on during development

 More Lists and  Lesser Paragraphs

A Bulky page with gigantic paragraphs is SEO friendly, but too much text reduces the responsiveness and is avoided by the users

The Older, The Worst

Constant nurturing and modifications as per the trends are necessary to catch the audience

Learn it All in Shortspan

One can become an expert at it from being a beginner in a short span, this is why it has been a great choice among developers to opt for

 Budget Friendly

Developing & Maintaining a responsive design and making it search engine friendly can do really for a lower cost

Targeting the DemoGraphics

Proper research on user demographics must be done. Themes and page backgrounds should be considered by demographics

Mobile Friendly

Two-thirds of the users surf web sites on their smartphones. So it is necessary to use things such as CSS Flexbox or other tags

Web Development is Not Web Design

Many people might think that website designing and website development are synonyms of each other. That’s completely misleading; web design is a subset of web development

All These Facts Must Be Kept in Mind as You Go Forward With Your Web Presence. To Learn More About Website Design & Development Services in Noida, NCR.